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With the global response to COVID-19, financial markets have experienced a surge in market volatility as investors react to the potential economic impacts. In our view, neither the investment market’s ups nor the downs last forever, even if it feels as though they will. During the worst downturns, there were short-term rallies and opportunities, and in some cases people have profited over time by investing carefully just when things seemed the bleakest.

If you are reconsidering your current investment strategy, a volatile market is probably the worst time to turn your portfolio inside out. Dramatic price swings can magnify the impact of a wholesale restructuring if the timing of that move is even just a little off. A well-thought-out goal-focused asset allocation strategy that is aligned to your financial plan is still the fundamental basis of good investment planning. Changes in your investment portfolio don’t necessarily need to happen all at once. Try not to let fear derail your long-term goals, and please know that our RFC team is here for you.

We sympathize with everyone who has been impacted by changes with work, children’s schooling, caring for loved ones, etc. If you’ve had changes with your employment or any financial goals or concerns, we would be happy to discuss these with you.

Below you will find some helpful and timely resources from a few of the investment firms we partner with.

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